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  • Since I was a child I've been interested in every kind of art. I've gone to school for 8 years working at various different forms of art. Every project I've been given I have excelled at, giving me experience working with a variety of media from cartooning, to still life drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, model building and sewing.

    I constantly try working on different art projects, to help keep my abilities at their best and to give myself more experience. Currently I'm teaching myself how to do oragomi folding and how to paint with water colours better.

    My greatest dream is to find a job that I can use my artistic skill in a unique way and work in a changing environment.

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  • Michelle Vantol
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  • Mississauga, Ontario
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  • CA
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  • Female
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  • 07/01/1986

Professional Information
  • I started by attending the Ontario College for Art and Designer for 1 year in the faculty of foundation arts. I felt my time had come to move on and focus on a more specific area of interest. I have a great passion for film and theatre, in particular costumes, painting and set design. Thats when I started at Sheridan College, another school well know for the arts. There I studied Theatre Production for 2 years focusing on sceninc paint, costume design and stage management.   I was then excepted into Sheridan College's Advanced Film and Television Production program as one of the youngest students in years. The program was 1 year long and I majored in Screenwriting and production design (more costumes and sets).

    I am now finished school and working part time at an art store as a certified custome framer and I help out on various film productions when ever I can.

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