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  • Growing up poor and belonging to remarkably creative people can make for a wapred child.

    When someone was hungry, we were told to make something. When someone was cranky, we were told to make something. When someone was sad, bored, happy, anxious-- the answer was always to make something.

    In time, “make something” became the panacea for what ailed me and the catharsis that would somehow get me through.

    I am a proven anomaly within each culture and subculture I represent. It has never been intentional or desired, but I have my opinions of how the world should be-- which is testament to my naive idealism.

    I believe that anyone should be allowed to “make something” and that those “somethings” should never be so financially out of reach so as to prevent someone from having their own.

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  • Sha Ongelungel
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  • Tacoma, WA
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  • US
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  • Female
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  • 05/24/1983

Professional Information
  • 1994-2005: Worked under artist Hans Ongelungel as an apprentice artist, public relations manager and marketing agent.

    2001-present: Co-founder of Islanesia, a cultural promotion network which offers pro-bono and lost-cost graphic design and illustration services to non-profit organizations and small businesses.


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