Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the Cleveland Institute of Art. To get started, first activate your account from the Welcome email you that you’ve recieved from us.

Next, follow the steps below to getting your portfolio submitted for review:


Step 1 – Upload your artwork

Upload a minimum of 12, maximum of 18 artworks that you will submit for review. After you’ve activated your account and have logged in, visit to drag & drop files from your computer or media drive to the Upload Box.

You can drag and drop multiple files to the Drop box (graphic above) on the Upload page. After you are done, you will want to go your My Art page (

Mouseover the “EDIT” link and click on “About” in the sub-menu:


Clicking on “About” will launch the artwork pop-up editor in the same window. Be sure to:

  • Provide a good title for the artwork
  • Provide a good description for the artwork

Other fields in the pop-up editor are optional but not required. When done, be sure to hit save. Continue to edit all artwork until you have provided a good title and description.

Optional – Add Galleries

By default, all your artwork uploaded goes into a “General” gallery. You can rename this gallery and/or create new galleries to assign your uploads to. To mange your galleries, click on “Manage Galleries” in the left column to launch the pop-up gallery editor. Learn more about galleries.



Step 2- Submitting your portfolio

After you’ve uploaded a minimum of 12 artwork and a maximum of 20 artwork , you will be given the option to submit your portfolio for review ( )

After you click on “Submit My Portfolio” your account will be locked and you will not have access to your submitted artwork.