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The Portfolio is a powerful online app that lets MyFolio Pro (upgraded) members create & design a customized page for their artwork. All of your artwork that is set to show in your portfolio (from My Art) can be accessed from your Portfolio page(s). There are no advertisements or MyFolio branding in your portfolio! You can even point your own custom website domain name to your Portfolio page(s). Edit Your Portfolio | Join MyFolio

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Only Pro members can use the Portfolio App.  You can upgrade your account and activate the Portfolio by Going Pro. There are also many more advantages in upgrading your account. You get more storage space, removal of advertising from all of your pages, ability to upload files (PDF, PSD, AI, etc.) & more. Go Pro is a feature coming soon.

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Adding art to the Portfolio

After you upload your artwork, you will need to turn ON the works to show in the Portfolio. You cannot upload artwork or option the artwork to show in your portfolio from the Edit Portfolio page. Follow these steps to add artwork to your portfolio:

  1. Upload your artwork.
  2. On the upload page, you can click on Edit (in the row) to launch the Editor. Select the Options tab and choose “Yes” to show the artwork in the portfolio. If you have left the Upload page, go to your My Art page and click on Edit (in the row) to option your works to show in the portfolio as mentioned in Step 2.
  3. Any artwork you option to show in your portfolio will automatically show up unless its set to be Private. Private artwork will not show up in the Portfolio.

Be sure to organize your artwork by assigning them to your Galleries. You can name and sort your galleries! You can even sort your artwork within a gallery. All of your sorting options is reflected in your portfolio automatically. If you have sorted your galleries (for example web design, graphic design, photography), then the order in which your artwork is displayed in your portfolio (and the MyFolio website) would be web design, graphic design, photography.

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There are two versions of your Portfolio: Edit Mode & Live.

Edit Mode. You are able to work on your Portfolio (Edit Mode) in private. You have an Edit Panel that overlays the bottom of your portfolio, giving you the ability to modify your portfolio’s presentation & options. As you are editing your portfolio, it is automatically saving. There is no Save Button!

Live Mode. Once you are done editing and ready to make your portfolio live, you can click on ‘Publish’ to make your Portfolio Live. You can always edit your portfolio and publish to live at any time and as many times as you want. The only public access is to your Live portfolio which will be at your ‘username’

Additionally,  you have the ability to Revert your Portfolio. When you revert, you take your Live Portfolio to your Edit Portfolio stage, essentially going back 1 version of your portfolio. In case you are editing your Portfolio and at some point decide that your original Live Portfolio better suits your needs, you can use the Revert button. Any time you Publish or Revert, your Portfolios will be in sync.

  • Publish Button: Edit Portfolio -> Publish -> Live Portfolio
  • Revert Button: Edit Portfolio <- Revert <- Live Portfolio

Note: In your settings page, you can Turn On or Off your (live) portfolio at any time.

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Designing your portfolio

There are many powerful tools & features that give you a range of control over your portfolios presentation and options. Start off by going to Edit Portfolio. You will find at the bottom of your portfolio the Edit Panel; an overlay editor that controls your Portfolio’s settings. As you are editing your portfolio, it is automatically saving  your changes. There is no ‘save’ button. You can edit your portfolio, leave the site, and come back again at any time & continue editing your portfolio.

The Edit Panel contains the following tools to manage your Portfolio:

Layout - There are 6 layout options to choose from. 3 of them are 1 column, and the other 3 are 2 columns. Each layout (except for 2) will give the user the ability to switch from seeing large posters of your artwork and thumbnails. When Thumbnails are selected, all of your artwork (in thumbnails) are displayed in the same page, letting a visitor see an overall view of your artwork and galleries:

  • 1 Column or 2 Column (Players/Thumbs): The page will load by default with large posters of your artwork (up to 640 pixels in width) one after another and will show up to 10 artworks per page. A visitor can change galleries to reload the artwork for that gallery or can switch to thumbnails to see all of your work on one page.
  • 1 Column or 2 Column (Thumbs/Players): The page will load by default with thumbnails of all your artwork. A visitor can access any artwork from your thumbnails view. A visitor can switch to galleries to view large posters of your artwork.
  • 1 Column or 2 Column (Player + Thumbs): The page will load with a large poster of your top artwork in your top gallery. Below the poster, there will be thumbnails which will let a visitor change the artwork shown in place. They can also access other galleries in the thumbnails area. There can only be 1 large artwork poster in this layout at a time.

Background – You can choose any background color through our color picker. In addition, you can choose to upload a background and position/tile it in several formats. You can also choose for the background image to be static or to move when a visitor scrolls down your page.

Page Colors – Choose the Page, Text & Link colors. Additionally, there are pre-selected color combinations that you can choose from.

Art Options – There are a few additional options for portfolio artwork:

  • Link the title of the artwork to its view page inside
  • Show the description of the artwork that you provided in the My Art page or at the time of the upload (this would be the About section in your popup editor)

Personal Information – Provide any (optional) information about you & your works. If you’ve chosen a 1 column layout, all of your personal information would be provided in the top of your portfolio, followed by your artwork (if you’ve selected the 1 column layout, its best to provide less information than if you’ve chosen a 2 column layout). In a 2 column layout, your information will show in the right column.

  • Banner – upload a graphic banner for your portfolio. It will automatically be resized after the upload. If you’re portfolio is a 1 column layout, it will be 640 pixels wide. If your portfolio is a 2 column layout, it will be 250 pixels wide.
  • About – provide a title for your portfolio & a description. If you’ve chosen to provide a banner, you may not want to also provide a title. Likewise, if you’ve provided a title, you may not need to provide a banner as well. The About information is optional as well. You can provide a description of you, your services, experiences or any information that maybe helpful to a visitor.
  • Contact - provide any contact information of your choice including your address, location, zip code, country, email or phone number. Some of this information will be helpful to some of your visitors such as employers, recruiters, other artists or fans. Note: Be careful though in disclosing this information as it will be public to any visitor.
  • Websites – provide any websites that you own or have an account with including a personal website or a social network such as facebook or twitter. You can add up to 4 websites here.
  • IM Chats – provide any IM chat names that you use or can be contacted through such as Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc. You can add up to 4 chat names.
  • Docs – upload any document and title it. For example, you can upload your resume and title it “My Resume” and a cover letter or  any other document. You can add up to 4 documents.

Sorting – Sort any personal information options, social bookmarks, custom html fields in either your 1 column or 2 column layout. Simply drag up/down the element (within the dashed bordered box) to sort. The sort is automatically saved. When done, be sure to click on “publish” to update your live portfolio.

Social Bookmarks - MyFolio has provided a preset social bookmarking set that you can turn on. When activated, it will allow any user (including yourself) to share your portfolio in their social network. For example, if a facebook user visits your website and clicks on the facebook icon, they can post a link to your portfolio from your wall. Be sure to promote your portfolio in your social networks in order to increase visits and traffic to your works.

Custom HTML – Add your own custom html code such as google analytics, apps, or any other items. You have 3 seperate custom html boxes that you can put your code into and can sort these items in your portfolio as well.

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