August 9, 2012  

MyFolio has relaunched its website! This is exciting news for us, you, and our community moving forward. With the updated website, many tools & features have improved – have a look for yourself at As always, your support makes MyFolio possible and we value your feedback and thank you for being a valued member. Enjoy the new site!

Updated Features

To get an overview of the updated website, have a look at our features list. Of course, you can browse MyFolio to see it in action! Publish your portfolio, upload any file type, increase storage space and remove ads when you upgrade. Visit your subscription page.

Introducing Plus

MyFolio has launched Plus Accounts; Universities and Organizations can enroll their entire community into MyFolio! The Cleveland Institute of Art is powered by MyFolio. Their students and faculty are uploading their works and connecting.

Get the MyFolio Logo

MyFolio has updated its logo!

You can download the Logo and Icons and add it to your personal site. Feel free to come up with your own icons & designs.


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