The Bulk Actions bar can be found on 4 pages: My Art, Favorites, Contacts, and Files.

There are currently 2 (ability to mass edit) bulk options available on the pages:

  • Delete Selected
  • Move Selected
  • Add to portfolio (available only on My Art page)

To use the bulk actions bar (1), you must first select a check-box in a results row below below the bulk bar. You can select multiple check-boxes by clicking on the check-box in each row.

To select all the check-boxes in the page, click on the check-box in the bulk actions bar. To unselect, click on a check-box that is already selected.

Tip: At the bottom of the results, you can add more results to the page and can even show all results. For example, if you have 100 artwork, you can show all 100 in the page and apply a bulk action to all 100 rows.