In MyFolio, all artwork you upload are stored into a storage ‘bin’ called a gallery. You are able to sort your galleries and also sort the artwork within those galleries. Sorting your artwork is reflected in your artwork pages thumbnails, profiles pages and your portfolio.

To begin, upload your artwork and when done, go to your My Art page.

Step 1. Create & Sort galleries

In the left column of your My Art page, click on Organize Galleries. This will launch the Galleries Manager where you can create and sort your galleries. To create a gallery, click on “Create new gallery +” , type in the name and click on Add.  To rename a gallery, double click it’s name, enter the name, and hit enter.



Step 2. Assign your art to galleries

Click on the checkbox or click on Edit>Options to assign your work to a gallery. With the checkbox Option, you can launch a mini editor and choose the gallery from the dropdown. The checkbox option is better when working with multiple art. With the Edit>Options, you can work on one artwork at a time. Be sure to go through all the options and tabs to complete your artwork’s information.



Step 3. Sort your art

In the left column, click on your galleries dropdown and select a gallery you want to sort the artwork within

The artwork will refresh to display work within that gallery. Click-Drag the sort icon in the right side of the row up and down to sort. Your actions will be auto-saved.