Only upgraded members can publish their portfolio.

There are two versions of the portfolio, Edit Mode and Live Portfolio.  Edit mode (private) lets you update the portfolio’s layout (and includes an edit panel at the bottom of the page), content and options while the live portfolio (public) is what your website visitors will see and has no editing capabilities.

Publish: Edit Portfolio → Live Portfolio

Revert: Edit Portfolio ← Live Portfolio


After you are done editing your portfolio, you need to publish it in order for it to be live and accessible. When you publish, your edit portfolio and live portfolio become synced up and are the same version. You can always continue to edit and modify your portfolio. If at any time while you are editing your portfolio and prefer the version that is on your live portfolio, you can always Revert.

When would you need to revert?

The best time to revert is if you make changes to your portfolio and it would be easier to revert back one version instead of re-doing the same updates (for example you deleted all your portfolio information but changed your mind and want to put the content back or you deleted a background image and prefer to go back to your life portfolio)

After you revert, your edit portfolio and live portfolio become synced again. Continue making changes and be sure to click on publish to update your live portfolio once more.