After you have uploaded your works, there are two ways to add your works to your portfolio: Through the bulk actions bar in the My Art page or in the pop up artwork editor.

Step 1. Go to your My Art page at


Step 2. Select the check-mark (1) in your page. This will activate the bulk actions bar above and you will be able to select check-mark (2) next to Show in portfolio.


Step 3. You will get a pop up window (3) to confirm the move. Click yes and the works selected will be added into the portfolio.

Note: The gallery they are in will also show , as well as the way they are sorted in your My Art page (for both, the galleries sort and the artwork sort).

Note: To remove an artwork from the portfolio, select the check-mark in the row and bulk actions bar to remove it. The confirmation pop up will confirm removal.


Add to portfolio from artwork pop up editor

You can launch the artwork pop up editor from 3 locations: My Art page (click on Edit in any row), Upload page (click on Edit in any row), and the artworks page (click on Edit button).

In the popup editor, click on the checkmark “Show in portfolio” to add/remove the work to your portfolio. Be sure to click save in the editor.

Note: You cannot add any private galleries or artwork to your portfolio


In your portfolio page, you can/should edit the look and feel and complete your personal information. When ready, click on “Publish” and your portfolio will become live and public. You would be able to access your portfolio at