You can make your artwork private by going to your My Art page and clicking on Edit > Privacy in any row to launch the editor. From there, you have three choices for privacy:

a) Gallery. This option will use whatever gallery privacy setting you’ve chosen. For example, if your gallery is set to private for all your contacts, then the artworks in that gallery would have this setting. If you ever changed your gallery privacy options, it would automatically update for all the artwork in the gallery.

b) Public. This option lets any website visitor (member or guest) view your work. This option will give your works the most exposure in MyFolio, external search engines like google & yahoo, and other websites and rss feeds would be able to access your upload.

c) Private. This option lets you choose for whom the artwork is viewable. Only members who are in your contacts would be allowed to view the artwork (if you selected them in this option)