A gallery is a storage bin in which any artwork uploaded has to go in. Be default, you have one gallery called “General”. Anything you upload will go into this gallery by default. You can rename your “General” default gallery or add more galleries to your account.

After uploading, select a gallery to place your artwork in from the Pop Up Editor. For example, if you upload drawings, you may want to create a gallery called “Drawings” and assign those works to the Drawings Gallery. The more organized your galleries are, the better presence you will have in MyFolio.


To Begin, go to  your My Art page page and click on “Organize Galleries” in the sidebar.

You will then get the “Organize Galleries” pop-up editor:


In the Manage Galleries pop-up, you can:

Create a New Gallery. Click on “Create New Gallery +” and you will be able to create a new gallery in place. Type the name of the new gallery and click out of the edit-in-place box.

  • Rename a Gallery. Click on the gallery name you want to rename and you will be able to edit the name in place. When done, simply click out of the name area to auto-save.
  • Sort a Gallery. Click and drag the sort icon in the row up or down to sort. The order of your galleries is shown in your profile page, artwork pages and portfolio. Note: You cannot sort your Default gallery (it will always be last in order).
  • Delete a Gallery. Click on the ‘x’ icon after the gallery name to delete it. Note: You cannot delete your Default gallery.
You can also control the Privacy of a Gallery.