Not Really, But …

There are a few steps you can take to add further protection for your artworks and prevent misuse and any re-use of your works:

  • a) Upload your (original) artwork in a not-so high quality size or resolution. Although you would like to showcase your artwork in its best form, you should always provide an artwork in a size/resolution thats suitable (enough) for your viewer. If an art enthusiast, employer or other party is interested in a higher quality/better resolution, they can always contact you.
  • b) You can place (in your own software) a watermark over your artwork or copyright notice. You can also post your contact info in a watermark so that the image/video cannot be re-used without that notice being shown. Be sure to put this watermark in areas beyond just one corner so that its not cropped out by any potential person trying to re-use your works.
  • c) You can apply a Creative Commons (CC) License for any of your works for free in your My Art page (Click Edit > CC License in any artwork row). Although this is not a copyright (that would be done in a court of law), a CC License is a well respected and known way to notify any viewer of how your artwork can/can’t be used.

In the end, there is no guaranteed way to prevent any use of any item that is accessible by the public. This should not deter you from uploading your works as there are more pros in gaining exposure through MyFolio than cons.