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  • Naughty Little Red Riding Hood

In the long awkward hours of my independent study in the small broom closet like room that we are expected to study in i concocted this weird twisted idea of little red riding hood.

I decided that instead of a little girl it was a grown woman with a husband and a little girl of her own but she was free spirited and didn't like her family life so she told her husband she was going to visit her grandmother and left. Little does the honest husband know that Red Riding Hood is sneaking off with a grisly biker-like buff guy known as "Wolf" never to be seen again. So the Husband suspecting what has happened hunts them down and shoots the wolf and murderers his wife with wolf teeth to make the village believe she was savagely attacked to hide the disgrace of the truth that she had run off with another man.

Pretty awesome story for coming up with it in about half an hour while very board lol I think the Grimm Brothers would be proud ... maybe... probably not lol

  • 8,953
  • Uploaded 02/28/10 at 10:10AM
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