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  • Misreading images with your eyes

This collage includes wetting a piece of tissue paper on each illustration, then dropping black ink around it. The process of wetting the tissue paper is crucial to this piece because only when the tissue is wet do you see the image. There's this sense of discovery with each wet brush stroke. It almost becomes similar to steps you take to get to know a person.

The ink represents the opinions people have when they first meet a person. The final step of adding ink around it symbolises the viewers' opinions, however derogatory it might be. Coming from different cultural backgrounds, these perspectives will eventually cloud the individual who is being watched and judged.

I wanted to engage the viewers to feel like they had to look closer and beneath the tissue layer as a form of a second opinion. The act of taking a closer look to the image reflects one's removal of their blinders of interest and beliefs and thus, providing them with the sociological vision.

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  • Uploaded 12/09/13 at 06:28AM
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